Luxury Bath Towel Set

Luxury Bath Towel Set

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Ultra Soft & Fluffy

Absorbent & Fast Drying

Thick, with 850 GSM

Organic Cotton


Ultra Soft & Fluffy
Our premium towels are made from Long Staple
cotton fibers for long -lasting softness

Fast Drying & Absorbent
Unique low -twist construction of the towels creates more air and space between the fibers, which yields a terry cloth fabric that’s dry fast and absorbent

Luxurious Hotel & Spa Quality
Those luxury towels have a substantial 850 GSM weight and thickness. They feel heavenly on the skin, like something you’d encounter in a celebrity spa or a fancy hotel

  • 100% Turkish Combed Cotton
  • Long-staple fibers with Low twist
  • 100% Organic Cotton – GOTS Certified
  • OEKO-TEX Certified for chemical safety

We hope you love your towels, but if for any reason aren’t 100% satisfied, it’s simple to return with our

60 day returns policy.

Size Guide




Bath Towel

55 X 30


Hand Towel

31 X 18


Face Towel

14 X 14


Ultra Soft & Fluffy

We made our towels from Long Staple fibers of Turkish combed cotton for longlasting softness

Absorbent & Fast Drying

We use yarn with low twist
action that creates more air and space between the fibers, hat’s dry fast and absorbent

Thick, with 850 GSM

The GSM number refers to
the density of the towel.
Our luxury towels are
generally thicker & heavier

Organic Cotton

We use only naturally cultivated cotton without the use of any harmful chemicals. we have GOTS & Oeko-Tex certified to guarantee this

We understand the importance of caring for those you love, and the thoughtful attention we put into our products is a reflection of that care.

Each time you open a package from Turkish Laundry, we’re delivering on a promise: the

World’s. Best. Towels.