How to keep towels soft and comfortable?

They come home soft and caressing, pampering you, wrapping you in tenderness and love, and helping you maintain healthy,
well-groomed, and soft skin. But how will you maintain them over the years? Easily, the truth. All the equal tips in front of you:

Replace your towel collection every two years, this is the average lifespan of a quality towel

Did you buy a new set of towels? Renew! Before first use, it is best to soak them in cold water for a few hours.
Adding a tablespoon of salt to the soaking water can benefit the absorbency of the towels.
Next, wash according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Buy quality towels, woven from long, massive cotton.
How do you know that the towels are quality? Well, towels should be “plump”, that is – weighty. “Lean” towels are less quality.

Towels dry only in a tumble dryer: because of the scale content in the water.
Drying and heating in a dryer crumbles the hard texture that sticks to the fabric.

To maintain the absorbency of the towels over time: Minimize the use of fabric softener

To save electricity, you can dry for about an hour on a washing machine and finish drying in the dryer.
In any case, it is better not to dry only by hanging outside.

Do not have a dryer? Place the towels on a radiator in the winter, or in front of the air conditioner in the summer.
Another patent: towel warmer. A device that can be purchased at bathroom accessories stores.
Wiping with a heated towel in the winter is a real treat.

To keep towels soft for a long time, we recommended to wash them at a temperature of 30-40 degrees, no more.
Boiling towels to a temperature of 60 or 90 degrees as usual in the past is no longer necessary today and it only weakens the towel fibers

To maintain the color of colored towels it is best to separate light to dark towels.

The towels have been lost their color? Wash them in a short wash program with a cup of vinegar, and there is who adds half a cup of baking soda,       instead of washing powder or washing-up liquid. Then dry in a dryer with a fabric softener spray or fabric softener sheets to remove the odor of           vinegar sticking to the towels.

Wash with a small amount of detergent (washing liquid, washing powder) and put a relatively small amount of towels in the washing machine, so         that the detergents are thoroughly washed.

Wash towels with bedding and try not to mix towels and other clothing items.