Great days start and end with great towels
So we made towels that make all your daily routine anything but ordinary.

Every. Single. Day.

Ultra – Soft & Fluffy

For our towels, we use an extremely soft version of combed cotton made by specially treating the cotton fibers before they are spun into yarn.

Fast Drying & Highly Absorbent

we use yarn with low twist action that creates more air and space between the fibers, which yields a terry cloth fabric that’s dry fast and absorbent.

High Quality

We made our products from Long Staple fibers of Turkish cotton because it produces the longest, strongest and finest cotton fibers in the world.

Substantial 850 GSM weight

The GSM number refers to the density of the towel. Luxury towels are generally heavier and are more absorbent.

100% Organic Cotton

In our products, we use only naturally cultivated cotton without the use of any harmful chemicals

We understand the importance of caring for those you love, and the thoughtful attention we put into our products is a reflection of that care.

Each time you open a package from Turkish Laundry, we’re delivering on a promise: the
World’s. Best. Towels.